The Hague Hash House Harriers

Your Very Own Drinking Club With a Running Problem

Nieuwe Menschen Kennen Leren

Although most of you will be partying in sunny Portugal and Spain, Layher will lay her run and has invited colleagues from Embassies and NMLK-ers (Nieuwe Mensen Leren Kennen) to join, so it should be fun!

And then, Layher broke her hip and we are recycling last weeks run ......

What - Run 2050

When - Wednesday 22 May, 1900 hrs

Hare - CheeseBalls = BrokenHipReplacement*

Where - Raamweg / Wassenaarseweg intersection

Why - Because children are allowed on leash and dogs are welcome, if they can walk approx. 5 kilometers. In any case, the trail is stroller-friendly.

OnOn - TBA

* For those who are not familiar with this one day old tradition of replacing broken hips, this metaphor means that we are looking for a hare to replace a broken hip. If that is unsuccessful, we call a disaster-hash**
** For those who are not familiar with this ages old tradition of disaster-hashing, this means we assign a live hare on the spot. Whoever catches the hare becomes the hare.

T.B.A. is at it AGAIN !

Hare - WebFucker

What - Run 2051

When - Wednesday 29 May, 1900 hrs

Where - There and Then

Good to know -

OnOn -

Ban Me Instead Of Spanking The Cock, Butt Keep Any Double Dutch Mountains Out Of It !

Hare - Ban the Cock and Spank Me but without DoubleDutchMountain

What - Run 2052

When - Wednesday 5 June, 1900 hrs

Where - There and Then

Good to know -

OnOn -


Good news is no news. Bad news is big news. We only have good news, which is no news, therefore nothing to report here.

Dutch Specials

  • Boaty McBoat Hash in Amsterdam
  • August 9-10-11, 2019 - Dutch Nash Hash 2019, prelube to EuroHash2019 - Formerly Known as Neptunus Weekend - Baarlo, Netherlands

European Events

May 24-26,2019 - Greek Island Spectacular by Athens H3 - Zakinthos, Greece

May 24-26, 2019 - 2345th Trail by Bicester H3 - Bicester, UK.

May 31 - Jun 2, 2019 - 2000th Run Weekend by Edinburgh H3 - Edinburgh, Scotland.

May 31 - Jun 2, 2019 - 2000th Hash Weekend by Vindobona H3 - Horitschon, Southern Burgenland, Austria.

June 14-16, 2019 - 7th Anniversary by Manchester H3 - Oldham, UK.

June 15-22, 2019 - 8th Dalmatian Hash Cruise by Dalmatian H3 - sailing from Split, Bosnia.

June 28-30, 2019 - Pyrenees Away Hash bf Madrid H3 - Santa Engracia, Spain.

June 28-30, 2019 - Hash Beside the Seaside by Mijas H3 - Cabo de Gata, Spain.

August 9-11, 2019 - Dutch Nash Hash - Prelube to EuroHash2019 - Formerly Known as Neptunus Weekend - Baarlo, Netherlands

August 16-17-18, 2019 - EuroHash2019 - Scotland somewhere

Aug 20-22, 2019 - Post-lube EUROHASH / Pre-Lube UK Nash Hash by Bras & Pants H3 - Scotland.

August 23-26 - UK NashHash by Caledonia H3 - Scotland somewhere

Aug 30 - Sep 1, 2019 - German Nash Hash by Hannover H3 - Hannover, Germany

August 30 - September 1, 2019 - Swiss Nash Hash by Zurich H3 - Vordemwald, Switzerland.

Receiding HareLine

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Runs we did earlier this year


Hare - CheeseBalls

What - Run 2049

When - Wednesday 15 May, 1900 hrs

Where - Raamweg / Wassenaarseweg intersection

Bold Fokker's 1000th Semi-Final

Hare - Bold Fokker

What - Run 2048

When - Wednesday 8 May, 1900 hrs

Where - Hubertus Viaduct

Good to know - This is run 1000 for Bold Fokker

OnOn - Ajax is playing the return against the Spurs this evening (Ajax is 1:0 ahead) to reach the Champions League Final (Soccer, you might have heard about it). The other finalist is Liverpool with Van Dijk and Wijnaldum. We watch the game at Sherlock's after the run

Ajax messed up in the very last minute!

"Work-Your-Arse-Off" Day

When - Wednesday 1 May, 1900 hrs

What - Run 2047

Hare - Playtex

Good to know - It is International Labour Day. Pensionados walk the path of shame, set the trail, do the checks and pour the beer, but ... only if you wear something red ... and have practiced on "L'internationale"

Where - Westlandse Rugby Club - WRC Te Werve RUFC, Beresteinlaan 52, 2542 KC Den Haag

OnOn - There and Then

How to get there - By public transport, car, bicycle, ask Neptunus or any other way

KingsDay WarmUp

When - Wednesday 24 April, 1900 hrs

What - Run 2045

Hare - Neptunus

Why - Because we found Cafe Animo (Willem van Outhoornstraat) with lots of free pub-food!

Good to know - King's Day is almost there. This is the ideal opportunity to test your Orangist outfit

Where - de Eerensplein

How to get there - It is a 20 minute walk from CS or rent on ov-fiets and cycle for 7 minutes or ask Neptunus to pick you up.

No Ears - No Beers!

When - Wednesday 17 April, 1900 hrs

What - Run 2044

Hare - XL

Why - This run serves only one purpose, to get some beers at the Fox afterwards to discuss Easter activities.

Good to know - This is the EasterBunny-run, bring yours ears!

Where - Voorburg Train Station

How to get there - Ehhhhh, by train perhaps?


What - Run 2043

Hare - Lord BromFiets

When - Wednesday 10 April, 1900 hrs

Where - Hubertus Viaduct - KoninginneGracht

How to get there - On your own bromfiets.

  • From Central Station - Walk for 30 minutes - Or rent an ov-fiets and cycle for 12 minutes - Or take tram 9-Riouwstraat

Change from Winter to Summer Season

SumSumSummertime when the Living is easy

What - Run 2042

Hare - KissyFace & Neptunus

When - Wednesday 3 April, 1900 hrs

Why - Because we are on Summertime

Where - Tennispark van Hogenhoucklaan 35, 2596 TA Den Haag

Good to know - Parking is free but a tosti is going to cost ye.

How to get there - Friendly suggestion - rent an ov-fiets at the train station and cycle 2.5 km = 10 minutes

Only one way to find out!

What - Run 2041

Hare - Logover

When - Sunday 31 March, 1400 hrs

Where - Vlaskamp - Opposite police station & British school & swimming pool

Good to know - Clocks spring forward 1 hour so an early start for us all

How to get there - Bus 24 stops right there top of Theresiastraat from CS.

Why - Sometimes, dreams come true. But not very often.

Get-Into-Trouble Run

What - Run 2040

Hare - RabC

When - 24 March, 2019 - 1400 hrs

Why - Nobody has been arrested yet this year

Where - Trouble Paradise - Van Berwaerdeweg 3

Good to know - The city government decided to get everyone a "get out of trouble free" card. Only valid for today

Friendly suggestion - Start getting into trouble on your way to the hash, you get the most out of it that way

How to get there - Bus 20 (Oostduinlaan + 2 min walk) or rent an OV-fiets and cycle for 13 minutes

Dead O'Fart´s Leprechaun Run

What - Run 2039

Hare - Dead O' Fart

When - Sunday, March 17, 1400 hrs

Why - It is St Patrick's Day! You Dummy!

Where - At the start of the rainbow (which happens to coincide with the Pavilion Pancake House at the Malieveld).

Friendly suggestion - Get drunk in advance, beer you find at the end of a rainbow is leprechaun beer. It returns to its bottle the instant you try to swallow. Rumors are that wearing green -might- help. But would you trust a Leprechaun?

How to get there from CS - Walking for 500 meters towards tho sea seems to be the best option for today.

Grow Some

What - run 2038

Hares - The Balls Family

When - Sunday. March 10, 1400h

Why - Because some of us need some. We will discuss after the run at Restaurant Runners, Van Hogenhoucklaan 168.

Where - Parking area Oude Waalsdorperweg

Good to know - Ehhhhhh, don´t know what to say here

How to get there from CS - Friendly suggestion, rent an ov-fiets at the train station and cycle for 17 minutes (=4.5 km)

Carnaval Avoidance Hash

What - run 2037a

Hares - Neptunus

When - Sunday. March 3, 1400h

Why - So we can avoid Carnaval and leave true fun up to the Amsterdamned

Where -parking Bosjes van Pex at the Wildhoeflaan

Good to know - No need to dress up

How to get there from CS - just a friendly suggestion, rent an ov-fiets and cycle for half an hour. Or take tram 3

Tilburg Carnaval Hash & Pyama Party

What - A-H3 run 1307 and TheH4 run 2037

Hares - Just The Tip and Pink Panter plus Opee on the Sunday

When - Saturday. March 2 and 3, 1600h

Why - So we can have food afterwards (Just the tip is cooking genuine Chinese - no takeaway) then dress up to get into town for Carnaval and TTLTH (take the last train home) OR join the Pyama Party if you want. (we do brunch and Opee volunteers to set a hangover trail) and/or on top of that watch the Carnaval parade - dress warm, it will get cold watching the parade, it always does.

Where - A Casa Di Pink Panter - Anna Paulownahof 161 - 5038VX Tilburg

Good to know - Just the Tip is cooking genuine Chinese Food - No takeaway stuff

Also good to know - Do dress up. You look ridiculous if you are not dressed up as something ridiculous.

How to get there - By train! plus a 15 minute leisurely strawl to Chez PP (or rent an ov-fiets at the train station)

What The ?

What - Run 2036

Hare - Biggus Dickus and Pecker Shaker

When - Sunday, February 24, 1400h

Why - Because RabC could not make it today - Therefore we go to Halve Maan afterwards

Where - PiramidePlein 5, Rijswijk

Friendly advise - Come by train

2nd HomeBrew and HutsPotRun (HomeBrew, sweet HomeBrew)

What - Run 2034

Hare - WebFucker

When - Sunday, February 10, 1400h

Good to know - This is probably an A-to-B run. But getting your car or bicycle from the train station to Chez WebFucker is generally well arranged.

Fucker, where hot food and cold beers will be ready. Being, at present, Boskoop's only active brewery, you will be forced to drink Web Fucker's home brews. Curious? Check this for the available beers. Even more curious how you would look before and after Web Fucker's beers? Check out the photos from run 1973

Where - Station Boskoop Snijdelwijk - Does this mean we are avoiding the rush hour at Boskoop Central? Finalmente!

How to get there - By Train !

Why - So we can have the Circle and On On at Chez Web

Bold Fokker Says So

What - Run 2035

Hare - Bold Fokker

When - Sunday, February 17, 1400h

Why - Because Bold Fokker Says So

Where - Parking at the Menkenlaan, Wassenaar

How to get there - Friendly suggestion, rent an ov-fiets at the train station and cycle 7.5 km = 30 minutes

HomeBrew passed away and has joined the Eternal Hash in the Sky

Following the ceremony there will be an informal gathering from 14:30 to 16:30 at Haagsche Schouw Hotel Leiden, Haagsche Schouwweg 14, Leiden. This is in walking distance.

The farewell ceremony will take place on Saturday, 26 January at 12:45 in the Boerhave auditorium of crematorium Rhijnhof, Laan te Rhijnhof 10 in Leiden.

Instead of flowers, a donation to the Hersenstichting is very welcome. Bank no. NL18 INGB 0000 000 860 - Correspondence: Prinses Beatrixlaan 27, 2341 TV Oegstgeest.

Part of Home Brew's Last Will: The hash singing swing low! (Without the vulgar gestures I guess). So practice please!!

Feel At Home Run

Run - 2033

Hare - SpankMe

When - Sunday, February 3, 1400h

Why - Because we need a reason To-Feel-At-Home

Where - On the Eastern side of Central station

How to get there - Just walk 50 metres out through the exit doors toward the Hotel Babylon direction and that's the meeting spot.

Good to know - No free parking and perhaps no bagdrop, so bring what you need in your daypack.

Robert Burns Run and Supper with Haggis, Neeps and Tatties

Run - 2032

Hare - RabC

When - Sunday 27 January

Good to know - RabC has been lured into hosting this event. We are looking for volunteers to do the cooking. There is beer to be bought (and whiners to be served). Plates, cutlery to be arranged. And so on and so forth. It might actually work out. WE NEED NUMBERS and it will cost ye a whoppng €5 on top of the regular run fee !

Where - RabC palazo - Van Berwaerdeweg 3,

How To Get There - Friendly suggestion - Rent an OV-fiets at the train station for €3.85 and cycle 10 minutes.

Wear Your Best

Run - 2031

Hare - Playtex

When - Sunday, January 20, 1400h

Why - What else ToDoToDay

Where - the car park at the Zandvoortselaan in Kijkduin (Den Haag). At the back, on the right

How to get there - friendly suggestion, rent an OV-fiets for €3.85 and cycle for 10 km

The Prael Necklace Run

Run - 2030

Hares - BanTheCock without DoubleDutchMountain

When - Sunday, January 13, 1400h

Why - So we can go to the Prael Brewery afterwards - Esperantoplein 20

Where - Brouwerij De Prael - Parking next to the brewery

Friendly suggestion - Rent an OV-fiets at the train station and cycle for 15 minutes = 3 km

An epic story told in just three panels by the OverLog

Run - 2019

Hare - LogOver

When - Sunday, January 6, 1400h

Why - So we can go to Sherlock's afterwards

Where - Madurodam

Friendly suggestion - Rent an ov-fiets at the train station and cycle for 7 minutes

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