Just in front of the Peace Palace

Wednesday 18 September, 2019 - 1900 hrs

Be a bit early - For a reason

A a bit of background,

Run the World is an extraordinary challenge that has been created by Dan, a British business man and sports enthusiast who has undertaken to run 10km in every country in the world - a total of 206 countries - by the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. - This is his website -

Dan is doing the challenge to promote the physical and mental health benefits of sport and physical activity all over the world, and to raise money for cancer research following the recent death of his mother from cancer.

Organizing runs is from abroad in quite difficult. So, Dan and his team make contact with other runners, running clubs and Hash House Harriers where ever they can.

HagueHash will dedicate its run 2069 to Dan's 176

18 September

After this - only 29 to go !

It will be a red dress run - Yeah !

  • You will get the unique opportunity to join this run and voluntarily contribute financial wize as well.
  • Wearing heels is not compulsory. For the boys that feel a bit uncomfortable wearing a dress, wear something very very red at least. It is a 10km run but yes, there will be shortcuts for the less athletic types amongst us.

Red Dress Run The World

What - Dan's run 176 - HagueHash run 2069

When - Wednesday 18 September - 1900hrs

Be a bit early this time - For a reason

Where - Peace Palace (in front of)

Carnegieplein 2, 2517 KJ The Hague
Park your car and bicycle in the Timorstraat (a five minute walk from Peace Palace) also bagdrop

Hare - Logover

Good to know - This is a Red Dress Run for charity

Voluntary donations more than welcome

How to get there

By car or bicycle - Best to go to Timorstraat - Park your car/bicycle, drop your bag and walk to the Peace Palace - take 5 extra minutes into account


Rent an ov-fiets at the train station. This is by far the best option if you come by public transport from outside the Hague

By public transport - Take bus 24 from Central Station (upstairs, direction Kijkduin) -> Peace Palace. This bus takes 13 minutes, departs every 10 minutes.

If you want to drop your bag, you need to walk to the Timorstraat and back - Take this extra time into account

This picture is from Dan's run 156

October 5, 2018 in Lisbon - Portugal